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Special Offers

Please print out the coupon and hand it to Aaron before he writes up your invoice. Thank you.

10% OFF Discounts are ONLY applicable to SERVICES rendered (labor only). This does not apply to any product or parts. 


On all service


On all service


  • 120 Days on all LABOR

  • 1 Year on all HARDWARE

  • 3 Years on SPRINGS

  • 1 Year on new DOORS

Many years of experience have helped us understand that the unexpected may happen. Even with special attention to detail things just don’t go the way we intend 100% of the time. Weather this means a defective/faulty part or an overly tightened spring.

Garage doors involve many complex and intricate systems that work together. When one system is not functioning properly, it can create other issues. We are here to enable your garage door to function at its highest potential, and implementing our guarantees so you know that we’ve got you covered.

 Our guarantees DO NOT include:

  • Consequential or incidental damages, such as damage or injury to a person or property because a garage door did not operate properly.

  • Any product or component which is modified, altered, or not part of the original door.

  • Damages caused by accident, improper use, negligent operation, improper maintenance or normal wear.

  • Damage resulting from exposure to corrosive chemicals, corrosive fumes, and salt environments including coastal areas, condensation, water or fire.

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