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How Garage Door Opener Works

Updated: 7 days ago

Garage Door Opener

When you moved in, your home may have already had an electric garage door opener system installed, and you may not have given much thought to this area of your home. The garage door is an essential component of every home. We use it every day to exit or enter our homes. In the event of a security breach, most garage doors are equipped with photoelectric sensors that detect presence when they are opened or closed. Your garage door pattern reveals further about your distinct personal style. So, what are the types of garage door systems? How many parts does it consist of? How does a garage door opener work? Read on to find out.

Types of Garage Door System

Garage Door System Types

Chain-drive garage door

Chain-driven garage door openers are the most popular due to their ease of use and low cost. They’re somewhat noisy and are thus suggested for people whose garages are separate from the main house.

Belt-Drive Systems

Belt drives garage door openers are equivalent to chain drive mechanisms, but rather than a metal or bicycle chain, a wide belt is used in this type of system. The advantage of a belt drive opener is that it makes less noise when it operates. Belts for this type of garage door can be made of rubber, called belt drive openers, or polyurethane for fiberglass garage doors.

Screw Drive Systems

The screw drive system employs an entirely different technology. These garage door openers work by rotating and lifting the door using a threaded steel rod. These garage door opener systems are more expensive than chain-driven belt systems, but it provides consistency and longevity.

Jackshaft Systems

The wall mount or side mount is also known as Jackshaft System. Because of their emphasis on security, the jackshaft system plays a significant role. They are implanted on the sides of the garage door rather than the ceiling, so when the door slides down, a door lock activates automatically, making it almost impossible for someone from the outside to gain entrance. These must suffice if you enjoy automation and technology as they are strong and durable.

Smart Garage System

A smart garage door opener is a controller or electronic device that works in conjunction with an existing garage door opener to allow users to control the opening and closing through a smartphone app or a Wi-Fi network. It interferes with the electric garage door openers and mechanical systems. It enables homeowners to control it from anywhere simply by tapping or clicking on their smart devices such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Garage Door Openers Parts

  • Motor & Gears: An electric motor is used in all garage door openers to raise and lower the door. The machine tends to slow a moving door, avoiding it from collapsing on the garage floor.

  • Drive Guide: The drive guide, known as the T-rail, protects and directs the chain, belt, or screw as the garage door opens and closes the door. It links the operator to the trolley, that is linked to the door.

  • Height Adjustment: If your door isn’t opening or closing completely, you must adjust the height in the opener’s operator settings. The force with which the door moves can be altered so that it stops moving when grabbed.

  • Inverter & Battery: Most garage door openers need an inverter to convert household AC power to DC. They have a battery backup system.

How Does Automatic Garage Door Work?

  • Automatic Garage Door Opener: A door opener, or a remote control, is the main operator that works with the motor and supplies power to the entire system. This garage door opener is implemented in the garage ceiling and is operated by a wall button. When you press the button to open the door, the opener receives the signal from the dip switches and remote. It houses the motor, which generates the energy required to start the mechanism.

  • Torsion Spring: The motor does not provide all of the energy required to lift the garage door. The motor direct-drive openers and the placing of a torsion spring above the door make it simple. The Spring system contains elastic potential energy that can generate sufficient power to balance the weight of the door.

  • Tubes: The tube shaft is the bar that runs above the door and secures the garage door springs. It does not really move, but its presence enables the springs to function properly.

  • Drums: These ring wheel drums are connected to a tube on the spring's top. When the door begins to move, the drum begins to rotate and moves the cable upwards or downwards in tandem with the door's motion.

  • Tracks and Roller: Rollers are small wheels that are implemented on both sides of the garage door. When the mechanism lifts the door sections, the rollers proceed along the inside of the tracks, keeping the door moving straight up and down. If your garage doors fall off this track, they will not be able to open as a safety precaution.

  • Safety Senor: Sensors are an important piece of equipment for garage doors. The photo-eye is made up of two sensors, one on each side of the garage door opening, that are mounted on the wall at the bottom of the opening. These sensors are facing each other, and one projects a light beam into the lens of the other. If anything or anyone comes into contact with the sensors, the garage door operators will instantly stop working and will not close.

  • Emergency Cord: Another safety mechanism is the emergency cord. It is hung from the door operator and it has a red tag at the finish to distinguish it. Once you pull it, the opener's motor is deactivated. This method is useful if you would like to make repairs on the door without risking its opening or closing automatically.


Radio signals and receivers were used in early garage door openers. When the same frequency is picked up by the receiver, the transmitter motor starts up. The motor drives the trolley system, which raises the garage door. When the trolley system is operational, it is linked to the arm at the bottom of the garage door. When the trolley starts moving, the door starts to lift into place. Modern garage door operation is a little more sophisticated. They operate correctly with smoothness and greater security.

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