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7 Warning Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Repair

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Garage Door Spring Repair

Unfortunately, garage door problems can end up causing your entire life to get thrown off balance. It can be a major hindrance to your day to day. In a lot of cases, having a malfunctioning garage door can even pose a safety risk to everyone in your home. This is especially true when the issues are causing problems with the controlled operation of the door itself.

To avoid these daily interruptions and safety risks, it’s good to become familiar with the signs of needing garage door spring repair.

Broken Garage Door

The springs of a garage door are components deemed most likely to fail. This is especially true when the springs are getting up there in age. These components also fail if they are rusted or corroded. This is a major problem because the springs are some of the most important components of the garage door itself. They are directly responsible for maintaining the requisite tension for your garage door to be able to lift and lower as needed at a safe speed.

When the springs of a garage door get broken, many homeowners go into a state of panic thinking they are looking at a full-on extensive garage door replacement or repair. The good news is, as long as you get the springs replaced promptly, you won't need to take such drastic measures.

The key is knowing the warning signs and to know if you are in need of garage door spring repair.. That way, you can ensure you get it solved before causing further damage. In this article, we will be going over some of the most common warning signs of broken garage door springs.

1. The Automatic Opener Doesn't Raise The Door

The springs of the garage door work to take a lot of the heavyweight off the actual garage door opening system. This allows the opener to work with smooth and efficient operation. When some of the newer openers that are automatic sense there is something wrong with the weight, it activates the opener force, which is a built-in safety measure.

This safety measure is meant to keep the mechanism from actually pulling the door too high. It stops at around 6 inches. This can help to prevent an otherwise broken spring from completing breaking or even causing the opener to fail and drop the door unsafely. If you notice this safety measure in action, then you should look into seeing if you need garage door spring repair before the damage becomes dangerous.

2. Your Garage Door Is Closing Rapidly

If you are operating a garage door that is older and that doesn't have the built-in safety feature discussed above, the opener is likely going to go on like everything is normal. Unfortunately, because of this, it will not lower the garage door at a safe and controlled speed. Thus, you may notice it start to speed up from time to time. If you notice that your garage door is crashing down to the ground or that it is lowering far too quickly, you are likely in need ofdealing with a broken a garage door spring repair. Even if that isn’t the case, this is one of those signs you don’t want to ignore.

3. Garage Door Is Opening In a Crooked Manner

Your garage door can be built with two different types of springs. One of the springs would be torsion and the other would be the extension springs. The torsion spring is meant to be placed and run directly parallel to the bottom of the door itself. Whereas, if you have extension springs, they are meant to run perpendicular to the torsion spring on one particular side of the garage.If the door is opening crooked, one side raising faster than the other, start looking for a company that provides garage door spring repair, and note what kind of springs you have if able.

4. You Hear A Loud Snapping Noise

The springs on your garage door can break without it being in operation. If your spring ends up snapping when the door isn't even in use, it is much more likely that you will end up hearing it instead of seeing it. Because of this, you should pay attention and if you hear any snapping sound stemming from your garage, it could be your spring breaking.So, don’t play the tunes till you hear whether or not you need garage door spring repair. No matter how good the album is.

5. It Has Loud Operation

As your springs continue to experience wear and tear and they begin to buckle under the conditions, it can put a lot more strain on the springs than it is supposed to. Because of this, they can take on added pressure that could cause the springs to begin making noises that you wouldn't normally hear. If you notice your garage door sounds like it's screaming every time you open it or close it, you may be dealing with failing springs and you’ll want to have them repaired before the give out.

6. The Springs Have Gaps

If you have a torsion garage and the springs end up snapping directly in the middle, both of the sides of the spring will completely separate from one another. This can end up leaving a gaping hole that could be nearly a few inches wide in diameter. This happens because the torsion springs are meant to operate with enough room to stretch. Thus, they are more likely to separate extensively when they do end up snapping.Torsion garage springs, when they fail, can cause the door itself to fall rapidly. Keep an eye out if these springs begin separating.

7. The Springs Are Rusty

While you won't get the obvious visual audit of having gaps in your springs all the time, you can generally tell if your springs are going bad by doing a close inspection. You should be looking at your springs to ensure that they are in good condition and operating well. If you notice something off with your springs, you will want to call on a professional for an evaluation. That way, you will be able to ensure nothing has gone bad or to check to see if something is going bad.

If you think that your garage is dealing with either a broken torsion or extension spring, you don't want to attempt to continue to use your garage door. Rather, you should be scheduling a professional garage door spring repair as quickly as possible. That way, you can reduce the risk of suffering any property damage or injury related to it.

If you are looking for the most professional and most comprehensive garage door repair services, you can count on Plano Overhead Garage Door to deliver.

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Jun 07, 2022

It's easy to repair if you have tools at home to repair the spring. As a locksmith i recommend all to make use of online videos to repair the spring of the garage door at home .


Oct 22, 2021

Can a locksmith replace the garage door spring easily without any issue?

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