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Garage Door Repair and Replacement: When You Need Which

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Garage Door Repair And Replacement

Knowing when you're in need of garage door repair and replacement is important. Choosing to go the wrong route can cost you much more than going with the right fix. Not only is money a factor in making the wrong decision, but you could also be adding more band-aids to a hazardous garage door and risking your safety if forgoing replacement.

Let's discuss some of the telltale signs for when you need garage door repair and replacement so that you don't make a costly decision. Costly for your wallet as well as the safety of people at home.

When You Need Garage Door Repairs

Some homeowners will ignore garage door repair in favor of just replacement. A popular argument used is that when the door needs some fixing-up, it will escalate more quickly, and it's better to get a new one in the long run. It's understandable to think that, but let's look at some signs for repairing the garage door being the better option.

1 Energy Costs are Rising

If you notice your energy bill slowly rising and your lifestyle hasn't changed too much, you may want to check out your garage door. Heat and cold air can escape through a cracked or misaligned door as easily as an open window.

2 Opening and Closing

This one usually has homeowners running to get a garage door replacement, but it's usually unnecessary. If the door is having issues opening or closing fully, it could be as minor of a repair as dealing with the tracks. Make sure to check with a professional before shopping for a new garage door.

3 Wear and Tear

Like all things around the house, a garage door will suffer from wear and tear. Depending on the severity, it could be either garage door repair or replacement. Unless the door was hit by a car or tree, it's unlikely you'd need to get a new one though. More often than not you can repair the door, and it'll be right as rain.

When You Need Garage Door Replacement

Sometimes a garage door repair isn't enough to get it working again or it's at a point where continuous repairs can keep a dangerous garage door going. As costly as garage door replacements can be, the safety of your loved ones and the integrity of your home are more important. Let's look at some signs for when you shouldn't repair the garage door and start shopping for a new one.

1 The Age

If your garage door is getting up in the years or has been there since disco was in fashion, it's time for a garage door replacement. Even if the door works just fine beyond some minor repairs here and there, the safety technology is so out of date that it's a constant hazard. In general, though, you should replace garage doors every 8 to 12 years, latest after 15.

2 Excessive Vibration

When the garage door is vibrating excessively then it usually means a cascade of issues. There could be broken hinges, worn-out bearings, uneven distribution of tension, or broken springs. Instead of paying for numerous repairs to keep a door that's on its way out, better to invest in a garage door replacement and spare your wallet the many fixings.

3 Structural Damage

For garage door repair and replacement, this is where people can get a bit confused. Some damage, like a cracked panel, calls for repair while several damaged panels call for replacement. Before deciding on either, what is the extent of the damage? Has the door been damaged for a while? If so, then it's likely you'll need a garage door replacement. Time is a factor because the longer the door has been damaged, the more stress has been put on the structure of the door itself.

Knowing Which and When Garage Door Repair and Replacement

There are many more signals that point to garage door repair or replacement. Which option is more appropriate for the issues you're facing, but each of the 3 signs is a good indicator for whom to call. The best option, of course, is to contact a garage door repair AND replacement company. Their professionals should be able to guide you to which is the best course of action for you to take if you're unsure.

What is clear is that if you face any of the issues listed above, don't ignore them. Take the guesswork out, save money from unnecessary repairs or replacements, and keep the home

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