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Common Garage Door Safety Tips for Homeowners

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Common Garage Door

A garage door system may give tremendous benefits to homeowners. The homeowner doesn't have to worry about getting your car out of the snow when winter arrives. They can also avoid lugging heavy stuff over the lawn or across the street while bringing it inside. However, this convenience does not come without drawbacks, one of which is garage door safety and maintenance.

Because your garage door is the largest and heaviest moving portion of your home, it is a good possibility that accidents and injuries may occur if the garage door is not properly maintained. The garage door is the most underrated but major access point of the house. Therefore, it should be one of the most crucial areas to secure using suitable security equipment to keep burglars and thieves at bay. This article aims to list garage door safety and security tips, especially for homeowners. These tips can also keep the garage door in a functional state for a long time. A house's safety depends upon the safety of its inhabitants at every step, whether they are installing or inspecting the garage door opener, using it, or checking it for maintenance.

Safety while using garage doors

Garage Door Closing

1. Do not rush toward the garage door while closing or opening, even if you forget something.

Even if you leave something inside or have to go outdoors fast, it would be better if you avoided entering a carport entryway when it was opening or closing. When you cross through the border, the movement sensors may become confused. While the entrance will stop when it recognizes you, the safety features nonetheless have the potential to do anything more real. It might start slipping again, resulting in serious injury.

Garage Door Opener Remote Out Of Reach Of Children

When you open or close your door, keep a close eye on it until it closes. Not only will this allow you to ensure that your children or pets do not approach the garage door unnoticed by blindly copying your bad habit, but it will also ensure that your garage door functions properly and is not stuck.

1. Store the garage door opener remote out of reach of children.

You know it's a disaster waiting to happen when it comes to something as heavy and deadly as a garage door. To avoid injury, keep the remote control for your garage door opener out of reach of children at all times.

2. Keep your fingers out of the gaps between door sections.

Squeezing between door parts is more prevalent, especially with manual garage doors; therefore, never put your fingers between them. Make your children also aware of the danger. When shutting or opening the garage door, utilizing the door handle is advisable. Alternatively, you may choose a garage door with non-pinch panels or install an automated garage door opener.

3. Passwords should be kept private.

Make sure the manufacturer's default access codes for the remote control and opener are updated if your garage door does not feature rolling-code technology. Investing in new garage door openers with security and safety features is also an option.

4. Before you start your automobile, open the garage door.

Vehicles emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other hazardous substances in the form of exhaust gas. While still trapped in your garage, you don't want to breathe these smells. Furthermore, because gasses increase, everyone in the second story will be at risk.

Look out for the safety of garage doors regularly.

Garage Doors Regularly

1. Watch the garage door: The easiest strategy to avoid a carport door breakdown is to pay attention to it when the door opens and closes. Pay attention to how rapidly the door slides. Do the springs, links, and pulleys appear to be evenly spaced? Listen for any unusual noises – does it produce scratching or granulating noises?

2. Ensure that all parts are tight: A carport door opens and closes at least two times a day. After some time, the entire development and vibration might cause the garage door components to fail. Look inside the bolts. Are the roller portions tight enough?

3. Check the balance of your garage door: If your garage door isn't balanced correctly, the opener will perform more erratically and have a shorter lifespan. Pull the delivery handle of your opener to separate it to evaluate the balance. Then, with your hand, raise the door. Is it simple to do so?

4. Inspect and replace door rollers: You should replace them twice a year, whether your door rollers are made up of steel or nylon.

5. Replace the weather-stripping on your windows and doors: The elastic seal strip at the bottom of a garage door is referred to as weather-stripping. If it appears to be damaged or fragile, replace it as quickly as to prevent the components from entering your house.

6. Grease all moving components: It will last much longer if you spend only 10 minutes lubricating your garage door components regularly.

7. Examine all links and cables: Examine your links for any broken strands or damage around the roller part on the base. Because these connections are under so much stress, taking care of them without proper planning might result in serious harm.

8. Keep the doorway clean and clear: Make sure there is no rubbish on either side of the door's tracks. You may also use a level to ensure that the paths are straight. If not, you'll need to hire a professional to make the necessary alterations.

9. Check the door: You'll also need to prepare the garage door. Wooden entries should be checked for twist and water damage, as well as peeling and damaged paint. Steel garage doors may have rusted areas that require sanding, priming, and shading.

10. Test the auto-reverse: Every sophisticated door has an automated reversing mechanism that causes the door to reverse when it comes across an obstruction in its path. It keeps the door from slamming into you or your automobile if you take too long to go through it. Testing auto reverses monthly can reassure you from saving you from potential damage.

Safety while installing and repairing garage door safety equipment

Safety While Installing And Repairing Garage Door

With lots of self-learn videos available on YouTube, installing or repairing a garage door or door opener DIY seems easy. But if you reconsider the excessive usage and sensitivity of safety and security involved in the process, hiring a professional is always better to save money and time in the long run. Professionals better handle installation and repair works of garage doors and openers. Also, there are overhead door companies in the market that can provide you replaceable parts like springs, rollers, cables, hinges, and torsion springs) and a warranty of the garage door safety equipment like photo eyes or safety beam sensors, transmission gears, remote controls, and keyless entry pads.

Check security of garage doors frequently

Security Of Garage Doors

1. Never leave your garage door partially open: Leaving your garage door open, even partially open, can be dangerous. Unwanted access into your garage, and eventually your house, can be made through a slightly open garage door. If a partially open door is reactivated, someone trying to get beneath it might be trapped or gravely wounded.

2. When not using your garage door, unplug it.: If you're going to be away from home for a lengthy amount of time, consider disconnecting or locking your garage door so it can't be used until you return.

Garage Door Passcode

3. Alter your garage door passcode monthly: Change the passwords on the garage door opener and remotes frequently to improve protection against uninvited garage door opening. A rolling code, which varies the access code every other time can also be used.

4. Defend Against Invasion: The first step in safeguarding your house while you are gone is to close the garage door, but always remember to secure the access door from your garage into your home. If your garage door remote is stolen, it might provide someone entry to both your garage and your house if the door is left open. Keep a track of your garage door remotes and don't leave them with strangers or parking employees. Consider wearing your garage opener on a key ring so that you always have it with you.

Related questions

How do I make my garage door safer?

As we have understood why the safety of your garage door is important and what are precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of the garage doors. Let us understand what are the safety equipment that can ensure garage door safety most practically:

1. Install a garage door defender: A garage door defender is a defensive enhancement that can be installed on the edge of your garage door. This sturdy attachment boosts the strength of your door and adds another layer of protection between criminals and your garage's valuables.

2. Pick the garage door that is the safest. : All garage doors are secure and sturdy by nature, while some may provide additional security. This is determined by the material, the opening mechanism, and whether or not it is automated. Roller doors are often regarded as one of the safer garage door solutions.

3. Align the photo eyes: Make sure the bottom of your door is clear of any things that might prevent it from shutting securely. For your door to operate effectively, the photo eyes, placed in the bottom corner of the door opening must be aligned and unobstructed.

How do burglars break into garage doors?

You have taken all precautions, made the door safer but what about trained burglars? The evil ones have had enough practice figuring out where the key components are to effectively break-in. All it takes for a thief to trip the safety release mechanism linked to your garage door and garage door opener is a little piece of wood and a coat hanger. Although zip ties may be used to keep the cable taut, you can also make a shield or cover that can be placed over your garage opener so that would-be thieves cannot access the release in an emergency.

Another straightforward technique is petty theft; they steal your remote. The issue here is that the thief is generally assisted by a homeowner. So to avoid breach never leave your garage door opener unattended in your vehicle or the hands of an unknown. Always keep them bound with the automobile keys with you. A criminal only needs to notice that the garage door opener is on your seat or fastened to your visor to commit theft. The most advanced method can include breaching the keys code online by a simple software that can provide any other key, the same access as your garage door opener, what to do then?

How can I make my up-and-over garage door more secure?

Apart from safety, the security of your garage holds equal value so to prevent security breaches of garage doors, here is the latest equipment that should be taken into consideration while planning the safety and security plan of the house.

1. Motion lights: Adding bright motion lights to up and over garage doors can improve security. These are frequently effective deterrents for nighttime robbers. Additionally, several basic garage door locks will increase the security of your garage. These simple-to-install lights will assure the safety of your up and over the garage.

2. Garage door defender: Installing a garage door defender is the greatest solution for providing extra protection to up and over garage doors. By attaching a defender to the ground, it prevents the outward swing motion of the garage door, making it impossible to open even if your locks are breached.

3. Convert your door opener system to wireless. Modern WiFi garage door systems include encrypted password technology that previous garage door systems do not. Other security devices, such as video cameras and motion detectors, can also be utilized. You can even integrate the detector with your home security system or notify your local police department in case of a security breach through the garage door. Don't take your garage door security for granted.

How do I secure my garage door from the outside?

Having a lock that is accessible from the outside can help you convince yourself to unlock the door before using the opener. The garage door can be locked from the outside in two ways. A sliding bar lock with an L-handle or T-handle fitted as part of the door, or a garage door defender can also be used on the outside.


Garage doors are a fantastic convenience, but they should not become a hidden safety or security threat. Practice all of the helpful recommendations above and have safety chats with your family to ensure that everyone knows how to use the garage door and door openers properly. Because safety and security should be a priority.

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14 avr. 2022

In order to protect your garage door, i suggest you to install keyless entry door locks and don't share the password with others so that your garage will remain safe and secure. Also, if you face any home lockout then using the garage door lock you can go inside the home.

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