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Common Problems with Garage Doors

Door hardware naturally loosens with use and needs to be maintained for safety and longevity

Garage Door Service Repair Installation in Vancouver WA

IF you have any concerns or

questions feel free to call us

we can help you over the phone

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For your safety - It is important to hire someone to come take a look who is an expert in this field of work. 

To safely assess any door issues go through this check list:

  1. Make sure the opener is plugged in and the fuse or GFI has not tripped.

  2. Make sure that the bottom of your door is clear from objects that may keep the door from safely closing. The photo eyes (located at the bottom corner of the door opening) must be aligned and unobstructed in order for your door to work properly.

  3. If your garage door is jammed, or stuck, there may be an issue with the track or the cables. Please call us to safely get each part working properly or replaced.

  4. If your door looks like it is having a hard time opening, DO NOT continue to open and close the door. We can help resolve the issue. 

  5. If your garage door will not open, or will not stay open - it is most likely your springs. Springs are dangerous to work with if you are not trained. All broken springs need to be replaced in order to get your door working correctly and prevent unnecessary stress on openers and cables. 

  6. If you hear any noises, such as popping or squealing - this indicates the need for general maintenance of your door. There are a lot of small parts to a door (hinges, rollers, bearings, and drums) that just need some extra attention in order for them to continue working properly. 

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