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We are dedicated to providing you with
quality products and exceptional services


Aaron has been a garage door technician for nearly two decades and feels that the work he does for every customer is a reflection of who he is.


With his in-depth knowledge of every product he uses and his commitment to quality, he is prepared to do any repair on your garage door or opener. 

We are a growing family with three children. We have lived in the Vancouver area for our entire life. Aaron loves to fish and hunt when he can and is often gearing up for his next adventure. He has lived in the great northwest for his whole life and wouldn't have it any other way. 


Our goal at Aaron's Garage Door Company, is to provide exceptional services and raise the standard in our line of expertise. We started this company so we could replenish this field with the service that customers deserve. So many times in the years Aaron has been in the field, he has seen the need for correction of sloppy work or heard customers comment on the hidden fees that they have had to deal with.


Being dedicated to our customers satisfaction, providing quality products that are really backed up by our guarantees and maintaining a high standard of work ethic are values that are upheld every day at Aaron's Garage Door Company.


We incorporate our family values into everything we do. Respect, honesty, generosity, working hard, and showing compassion toward everyone, are values that are very important to us.


Aaron's Garage Door Company is committed to the satisfaction of our clients peace of mind. We are thrilled to be able to share our family values with each of you and raise the standard of garage door services.

We look forward to making a memory with you while we show you what it's like to have someone you trust help you with what you need!

Our business is family owned and operated

Meet our family

Now that you know all about Aaron, let's introduce you to the whole gang! 

Kachera is Aaron's wife. You will often see her in the field as well as over any correspondence that isn't Aaron's direct phone. She loves nature and pushes herself to make big strides in everything she does. 

Meila is our oldest and is super excited to learn how to drive. High school is full of drama, and boys, and homework, and she rocks at all of these difficult teenager things!

Callie is full of spice and is a very busy body. Currently she loves math and is looking forward to next school year - so she can make more friends. 

Brooklyn, the youngest is as sweet as can be but as the youngest, likes to participate in all things messy - because three IS FREE. 

Riley Grace is our 3 year old yellow lab who is the biggest ding-dong dog. She fits right in with the gang of girls that rampage our house. She is very well trained and is good with chilling out or playing all day. 

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